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November 2013:

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New Slideshow of a sample Lawrie's Works, in semi-chronilogical order.


Lecture at Seward, 2011

Sower 3D rendering, from photos, walking around the Capitol

Pasadena WWI Memorial Flagstaff, 3D rendering3D rendering from individual photos. is a compendium created to identify, catalog and recognize the significant contribution to American Art in the 20th Century.

Lee Oskar Lawrie was a tremendously prolific American architectural sculptor who collaborated with Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue from 1895 until Goodhue's death in April, 1924. He also worked with notable architects James Gamble Rogers, Raymond Hood, and Paul Cret and others, after Goodhue's demise.

He has sculpture at more than a hundred churches, libraries and civic buildings across the nation and beyond, although the majority of his work went unsigned--and unrecognized--due to his acutely shy personality, unusual sense of artistic modesty, and absolute humility.

The site was established in 2008 by Gregory Paul Harm, who has traveled the nation photographing, researching, writing and documenting Lawrie's works. Harm holds a B. A. in Political Science, with minors in history and English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a M. A. in legal studies and legal administration from Texas State University. He has worked in public service for nearly 20 years. He is perhaps the nation's leading authority on the life and work of Lee Lawrie. He lives, and works in Austin, Texas.

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Prairie Deco

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State of Pennsylvania, Monument behind the Finance Building in Harrisburg.


Wisdom, Justice Power and Mercy, Constant Guardians of the Law. Nebraska State Capitol.